three days of darkness kit

three days of darkness kit

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this is a double kit. everything listed below is times two. (*** if you are interested in a single kit, please contact me and i will set up a single kit listing, thank you)

you will receive it in a repurposed box. 

small holy water bottle.

simple cord rosary

brown scapular

protection from evil necklace

8 tealight size beeswax candles

book of matches

9 holy medals (large round st benedict medal, large benedictine crucifix, medium miraculous medal, 6 small benedict medals)

information sheet containing >>> Preparing for the Warning and the Three Days of Darkness

There are several sources for these prophecies. Many visionaries have spoken of them. These have then been accumulated and presented for modern readers by several authors. Most of the information for this overview comes from the writings of Fr. Joseph Esper.

To start with, this information is from private revelations. Some have been approved by the Roman Catholic Church, and others not. Catholics have no moral obligation to believe in these revelations. A person can, if the Spirit moves him, believe in them. Some people will chastise others who do believe and vice versa. Pray about it before the Blessed Sacrament to guide your heart and soul.

Secondly, being a faithful Catholic, a faithful Christian, is paramount to eternal life and living this earthly life well. God wants us to live a life with Him. Catholics can’t just prepare for the Three Days of Darkness and not live a holy life prior to that time. So people need to get their priorities straight ahead of time, namely they need to be devoted to Jesus in the Eucharist and to His Blessed Mother.

There will be a Warning first, a great chastisement. God will give everyone an opportunity to see themselves as He sees them, all their faults and failings. Once people see themselves, they then have to decide if they will amend their lives and be more faithful to God. Some will, some won’t.

The Three Days of Darkness will occur sometime later. Only God knows if and when He will do this. If mankind becomes more holy then He won’t have to. But if it does happen, the faithful will be given an advanced notice that the Darkness is eminent. This is their time to prepare. The earth (storms, etc.) and the animals will begin to freak out, so will mankind. All of this freaking out symbolizes the amount of sin in the world.

Once the darkness time comes get inside your home and lock the windows and doors and cover all the windows. “Do not look outside at all during this time because God’s wrath is holy. He will purify the earth for you, the small number of the faithful. Convene in prayer before My Crucifix and invoke the guardians of your soul.” Only blessed beeswax candles can be lighted during these three days. Pray the Rosary and beg God for Mercy. Do not look outside for any reason, you will drop dead if you do. The devil will tempt you with voices of loved ones, do not look outside!

God will preserve the property and animals of the elect. Outside animals will need extra food and water placed before them before the darkness comes. Again, do not go outside to care for them. You will have to decide on having your house pets inside for three days, especially those who are not litter trained. Remember, God will provide.

Do not be afraid. Jesus said this many times. “The sufferings of the times we are in are for the salvation of souls… those of you who have given Me your lives, and given Me your all… My Father’s plan (to renew the face of the earth) is unfolding. Remain in peace and be constant in love, leading My people in peace; but always reminding them of My love. Make sacrifices, My children and be My co-redeemers in helping my My Father’s plan.”

“About ten claps of thunder at once will strike the earth with such force that it will shudder throughout. This is a sign that the great tribulation and the black darkness are beginning… on this account people should go into their houses, close them up well, darken the windows, bless themselves and the house with holy water, and light blessed candles. Outside such dreadful things will be happening...” Also, Our Lady said, “Do not be afraid about the three days of darkness that will come over the earth, because those who are living my messages and have an interior life of prayer will be alerted by an interior voice three days to one week before the occurrence.”

The above quotes, from Fr. Esper’s book “After the Darkness”, are just a few of the many from various visionaries throughout time that have spoken about this. But what else must we do to prepare? Fr. Esper outlines 25 points in the conclusion of his book “On the Brink – America and the Coming Divine Judgment” in the final chapter called: Reasons for Hope and Steps to Take. Below is a brief outline of the 25 points. You can get more details in the book itself.

Prior to the 25 points for Spiritual preparation, Fr. Esper also says to prepare as in a bug-out bag or as you would for a hurricane, for your temporal needs.

1. Remain in a state of grace – go to Confession
2. Attend Mass as often as possible
3. Pray the Rosary each day
4. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet regularly, preferably at 3:00 p.m.
5. Say the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
6. Pray the Divine Praises
7. Say a binding prayer (whenever you feel tempted, oppressed or sense that something “just isn’t right” with yourself or another person)
8. Consecrate your family and home and property to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
9. Wear or carry a blessed Crucifix, scapular or religious medal
10. Have Holy Water available in your home and use it regularly (The kit has a small bottle, I recommend getting a gallon blessed by your priest too)
11. Make the sign of the Cross throughout the day
12. Regularly read the Bible (If you don’t have one, get one!)
13. Become more knowledgeable about what’s happening in the world and our country trying to see the big picture
14. Do what we can to influence society and defend religious freedom
15. Pray for (and support) persecuted Christians around the world
16. We need to not only maintain, but deepen, our relationship with Christ
17. Form the habit of automatically praying for guidance and discernment (for all decisions)
18. Keep proper perspective (the devil is loosing and lashing out; God wins!)
19. Associate with others who share our beliefs and moral values, “holy networking”
20. Acts of fasting and penance are powerful prayer
21. Take part in Eucharistic Adoration
22. Deepen our devotion to the angels and saints, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary
23. Living the message of Fatima should be one of our highest priorities
24. We should try to live in a spirit of reparation
25. We must place our trust completely in Jesus.

This kit, once it is blessed, has a dual purpose. It has beeswax candles and sacramentals to help get you through the three days of darkness, but more importantly it has prayer cards and Catholic aids to get you on your journey to faithfulness to God, if you aren’t already there. Only God can save us during this tribulation, but we must respond to Him in our actions and in our heart.

God Bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe and headed towards eternal life in heaven.