About Chillypumpkin

Welcome to Chillypumpkin Holy Medals. We have been selling our wares on a different platform for several years and sold thousands of items (you can find it here if you are looking for reviews because there aren't any here yet...), and now we are branching out with our own online shop - ChillyPumpkinHolyMedals. We are located in Southeast Michigan.

One might wonder what a chilly pumpkin has to do with Catholic holy medals. Nothing actually. But the names go back decades in my life, back to my first email handle in the early days of the internet. Back to my first cat and dog. Awww. 

It took me days to name each of them cuz that’s the way I roll. My cat came first. She was a Christmas present and I named her after a term of endearment in a movie, Pumpkin. Pumpkin was with me for 17 years. She was a nice tiger kitty. 

Two years later I got a puppy. He was the off-spring of my grandma's dog, and he was a fuzzy white fur ball. It was a cold and snowy winter when he came in to my life, hence Chilly. 

After Pumpkin's initial shock of a crying puppy in the house wore off (she banished herself to the basement for three days) Pumpkin and Chilly became best buds. And "ChillyPumpkin" became my go to name, since everything you do on the internet requires a name and I am not very quick with new names. 

So there you have it. The history of "ChillyPumpkin" :)