Saints for the first week in January - Elizabeth Ann Seton, John Neumann, Edward the Confessor, and Andre Bessette

While there are hundreds and thousands of saints, this shop has a small subset of them available in a holy medal, the silver oxide medal format specifically. 

This first week in January you can find these holy medals at the ChillyPumpkin Holy Medals shop:

Jan 4 - St. Elizabeth Ann (Bayley) Seton (1774 - 1821). She maybe the first American born saint. She was born in New York City into a well to do Episcopalian family. After being married for 10 years, her husband's business failed and then he died, leaving her and their five children impoverished. In the meantime, Jesus was drawing her towards the Catholic Church via the Real Presence and the ancient history of the Church. She converted to the Catholic faith on March 14, 1805. She opened a secular school in Boston to support herself and her children, but she ran it along the lines of a religious community. Later she was invited to open a Catholic girls' school in Baltimore, Maryland. She died in Emmitsburg, Maryland, where you can find her shrine. Nearby there is also a beautiful Marian shrine up the mountain, Mt. St. Mary. It is such a holy place!

Jan 5 - St. John Nepomuceno Neumann

Jan 5 - St. Edward the Confessor

Jan 6 - St. Andre Bessette

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