More on Preparations for the Coming Chastisement and Tribulation

The Warning, the Great Miracle, the time of Refuges, the Three Days of Darkness, and finally the Era of Peace. These things have been prophesized about by many mystics over the last several centuries. Whether they happen or not, the main thing is to get right and stay right with God. The more people do this, the better chance we all have of avoiding these scary times. But they are only scary for people who don't want to bother with following God's Laws. 

We need to work on our own personal conversion and pray and pray and pray some more for the conversion of our loved ones and for the whole world. 

In the meantime, we can build up our spiritual and physical fortifications. Spiritually we need to go and sin no more, get our sins absolved in the confessional by a priest, and go to Mass and receive the Eucharist as often as possible, but at least every Sunday. We also need to read the Bible and other spiritual works. 

There are some physical aspects to our spiritual fortification, such as, blessed sacramentals (Rosaries, medals, scapulars, candles and Holy Water and Blessed Salt and more).

In this shop there are some of these items available to you. There is the Three Days of Darkness Kit. It is a starter kit with a small holy water bottle, a rosary, a brown scapular, beeswax candles, assorted holy medals, a protection from evil necklace, hawthorn leaf and flower herbal tea, and a few other things. Not everyone wants the whole kit though, because they already have rosaries and medals, etc.

So some of these items are available individually too. The hawthorn herbal tea is available in a two ounce bag. Just recently a customer bought a darkness kit and an extra bag of the herbal tea. 

The 4 ounce Holy Water bottles are also available separately. This is for a set of two bottles. Have one in the kitchen and one upstairs. 

Beeswax candles. These seem to be hard to find. Another customer lives near a shrine that has a nice gift shop, but they don't have the beeswax candles and according to the mystics only blessed beeswax will give light during the three days of darkness.

There are many holy medals available in this shop. In particular we have the protection from evil necklace, as I like to call it. It has a Benedictine Crucifix, a Miraculous Medal, and a St. Michael the Archangel/Guardian Angel medal. The Darkness Kit includes the necklace on a 24" aluminum ball chain. At the link above there are other chain options as well as key rings.

Other medals available are the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict medal. Each of these has many blessings associated with them. You can also bury one medal in each of the four corners of your property. (If you live in a condo or apartment, just put one in each of the four corners of the home.)

A new item is the Purple Scapular. This is for protection during the times of chastisement and tribulation, but also there have been stories of protection from present day tragedies, such as wild fires. 

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